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Returned last Thursday and tried something new - the galbi tang (~$15).
Galbi tang has big chunks of Korean short rib sitting in a beef-bone broth, with bits of egg, vermicelli, and green onion floating around. It's a a lighter alternative to the heartier soft tofu soup, and perfect for a cold day. When I left, I didn't feel as bloated and full as when I eat soft tofu soup. It reminds me more of homemade soup. The soup comes with a side of rice, which can be dumped straight into the bowl
or enjoyed on the side.
-Anita C., Berkeley, CA
Very solid food, fast service and whitey-friendly.
-Emily W., Alameda, CA
I've been here a couple times and most recently had the pork bone soup lunch special -- super flavorful and perfectly seasoned! (I can't stand too much salt)
Definitely recommended!
-Esther Y., Berkeley, CA
There is this awesome Dinner for 2 special you can get here, but it is WAY TOO MUCH food for even 3-4 people. It's priced at ~42 bucks and it gives you a beef tofu soup, chicken, bulgogi, and japchae with at least 10-15 side dishes. I've had it twice and have LOVED it every single time... Get the tofu soup a little spicier because it's a bit mild in taste.

One time I came and I ordered the Fried Oyster appetizers ($16) and those were probably the best thing I've ever had at this store... although it's about 10 oysters for 16$ so it's a tad overpriced. They give you this amazing sauce that comes with it... and it just MELTS in your mouth.

The atmosphere is also really cozy for a restaurant; it gives you a sort-of homey and comfortable vibe that you can just relax at. This place is definitely a must-try, although it is a bit pricey!
I've also come here at least 5 times and have never had rude customer service... Something else to keep in mind :D
-Jenna L., Berkeley, CA

Had the Original Tofu Soup and short rib combo was a little pricy, came out to 21.99 (dinner price on Sundays). The small dishes are better than average and there definitely is a wide selection (8 dishes).
The short rib is really lean and cooked to perfection, but I'm used to thicker pieces of short rib. The original tofu soup was pretty good, but the amount of tofu inside wasn't quite like other places that have it overflowing with tofu. The pieces of tofu were smaller, but it was nice that they also included beef/chicken.
-Edward W., Fremont, CA
Great korean place. I've been to Sura plenty of times, so wanted to try a different place.
My girlfriend and I ordered the seafood stone pot bibimbap and sundubu. Both dishes came out super hot - not just kinda hot like some other places. I mean, the soup was boiling for a good 3 minutes after just letting it sit. The food was also really good. The stone pot rice was nice and crispy on the bottom, something you can't really get in Berkeley (where places rarely even have the stone pots).

Non-food wise: The interior of the restaurant is very nice. You can tell they took the time to make sure everything is clean. The room is well-lit, and the various korean decorations made me feel almost like I was in a museum.

Pricing: just right

Wait service: We had to flag someone over to take our order after waiting for ~10min (it wasn't busy
at all), but the food came out pretty quickly.
-Stephen L, Emeryville, CA

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